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Our Services

Social Media

● Account setup
● Strategy development
● Content creation & distribution
● Community building
● Community management
● Social Media Marketing
● Social Media visuals
● Graphic elements


● Account setup
● Strategy development
● Content creation & distribution
● Community building
● Community management
● Social Media Marketing
● Infographics
● CTAs

Graphic Design

● Banners
● Brochures
● White papers
● Case studies
● Packaging & Creative Concepts Design

Web Design

● Presentation websites
● Ecommerce platforms
● UX & Web design
● WP website setup
● Basic SEO setup
● Copywriting
● Integrations and customizations

Video production

● Video editing
● Storyboards
● Scripting
● Explanatory videos
● Animations
● Post-production

Marketing Strategies

● Funnel development
● Funnel implementation
● Content strategy
● Social media marketing strategies
● Email strategies

Our projects

Building brands from scratch

JVDR is a full-stack marketing agency that has recently entered the WEB 3.0 industry. We pride ourselves on our branding and strategic approach to advertising while also focusing heavily on digital media buying strategies for both B2C or B2B companies looking to expand their reach online.
We have an extensive clientele that includes real estate professionals and developers; finance firms/investors as well as media buying agencies – all the way down through to marketing of digital assets (NFTs) and even software developers looking to create traction for their products and services.

Our Clients

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GCG Media

Since: 2021

JVDR assisted GCG Media by positioning the company on the highly saturated market and building a recognizable brand image. We helped GCG Media build community by leveraging Social Media platforms and by designing their brand identity for live events. Currently, we are focused on expanding GCG Media’s pool of clients, through advertising and referral programs.
Services we provide to this client include:

– Marketing Strategy Creation
– Branding
Website design & integration
Social Media Management
– Content production, including copywriting, graphic design and video production
– Advertising materials
– Referral program setup and integrations

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